Our Approach

At Rooted Path, we utilize a Health at Every Size® and harm reduction approach to improve your relationship with food and your body. In doing so, we consider the impact that diet culture, weight stigma, and other individualized traumas have on the development of disordered eating patterns. 

  • We celebrate body diversity and believe that all bodies belong in discussions of health. 
  • We promote flexible eating behaviors based on taste, pleasure, nutritional adequacy, access, connection to others, and joy. 
  • We believe that it is just as, if not more, important to nourish the soul as it is to meet nutritional needs. 

With each person we have the honor of supporting, our end goal is to make space for more flexibility, compassion (for self and for all), and peace with food and your body while learning to heal from the impacts of biases, diet culture, and body discrimination. 

In practice, we take a holistic and individualized approach to healing disordered eating and body image issues through evidence-based nutrition education and encouragement of mind-body connection. 

We believe in a food-first approach to health and offer specific food and supplement guidance to bring your body back into balance or to achieve optimal functionality. We also support stress management through mindfulness and breathing techniques to aid you in coming to a less overwhelming baseline. 

We recognize the importance of a team approach for our clients so we make every effort to communicate and prioritize coordination of care with members of your healthcare and home teams. We also like to incorporate our individuality into our functional nutrition approach and, as providers, aim to show up both as nutrition professionals but also as compassionate human beings. We prioritize nourishing the soul alongside meeting nutritional needs, considering both aspects as equally important. This is our ultimate goal with each person we work with.

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