Thank you for considering Rooted Path as an introductory or step-down level of care for your patient, client or family member.  We offer both in-person and telehealth appointments and highly encourage coordination of care between providers.

Please fax your referral to our administrative team at 206-588-2625.

Meet & Greet

For clients who are interested, we offer a free 20-minute meet and greet telephone conversation.  The purpose of this conversation is to determine if we are a good match for the client.  During the 20-minute phone conversation, we listen to the client’s needs, discuss our approach to nutrition, get to know one another a little, review goals, and then together we will decide how to move forward. Please reach out to our administrative team by phone to schedule.

When Higher Level of Care is Needed (HLOC)

When outpatient care is not enough to support a client’s care, HLOC may be recommended.  Multiple options are available, from intensive outpatient services, to partially hospitalized programs, residential programs and finally 24-hour inpatient care. Treatment centers specializing in higher levels of care offer free consultations/screenings and can be accessed by phone or direct website by the provider, parent/caregiver or individual. We work with these centers as both a referrer and as a step-down care provider.

Outpatient level of care generally indicates that motivation for recovery is fair to good, and there is a level of medical stability supporting infrequent monitoring of vitals.  Children and adolescents are able to respond to caregiver/parent redirection and can manage behaviors with self-control, coping skills and therapy sessions.

Coordination of Care

Coordination of care begins with the client completing a Medical Release form and consenting that their providers may discuss protected health information to create an individualized treatment plan.  We commonly coordinate care with therapists, psychiatrists and doctors in addition to nurse practitioners, acupuncturists, dentists and physical therapists.

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